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"The more you play...

We picked up all the toys, old wooden swords, hammocks, masks, and everything else, and we created the brand, called Banana Chill. 


From playing kendama we grew to a company that organizes jam’s and participates in many worldwide competitions. From day one our dream was to design our kendama and thanks to Okendama and Sol kendamas, together we fulfilled our dream. 


Kendama always reminds me to be present. It is always fun to play with other kendama players, but the biggest game happens within yourself. Learning to be alone may be initially scary, but once mastered, serves as the cornerstone for your development and growth as a human being." 

Portion of sales goes to designer to support BananaChill community.


Absolutely unbelievable collaboration between 3 likeminded companies.

Ken had been Crafted in Latvia at OKendama workshop (Captain Latvia) from locally grown European Maple! Naturally PURE - matched up with special Explore design Tama made by Solkendamas! 


Product features: 

  • ZERO1 Ken shape;
  • European Maple Ken;
  • Balanced Ken for insane playability;
  • Enlarged cups;
  • O! Hole in base cup;
  • 17cm ken size (~192mm total with tama);
  • 62mm Solkendamas Beech Tama;
  • Solkendamas Sticky paint finish - BananaChill Explore paint design;
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Metal spinner bearing & extra long color matching string;
  • Extra string & stickers;
  • Set up weight - approximately 160g (could vary +-15% as every wood cut is unique);


57,00 €Cena
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