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Armed with the revolutionary Wing technology, this light-weight webbing is perfect for long- and highlining. Its low stretch makes it easy to tension longer lines, while the soft tubular edges prevent injuries when catching a highline. The successor of our popular on’sight line, the blueWing is also great for surfing.


Developed and tested by our pro athlete team!


total length: 25m


length slackline-webbing: 24,8m


length ratchet-webbing: 0,2m


width: 25mm


material: polyester hybrid (Wing)


loops: reinforced 1,4mm


stretch: 7,2% at 7kN (~700kg)

                14,5% at 15kN (~1500kg)


strength: 30kN (3.000kg)


tubular edges: 4 – 5mm


tensioning element: 50mm long-arm ratchet with tapered spacers


colour: blue


125,00 €Cena
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